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We're a mobile locksmith, so we can service any area in BC. Check out our locations page.
Need to change your broken lock? We can help you change it fast, call locksmith in Vancouver BC.
Instead of changing the whole lock, we can change the pins in the plug to fit new keys!
24 hours day service any time. 15 - 20 minutes arrival time. Perfect for any of your emergencies. Locksmith Vancouver provides unmatched quality of service , Top Locksmith.
24 hour service any time (day & night), Locksmiths Vancouver . flat rates , and no hidden cost. Ask us for a price over the phone!
Servicing all type of doors and frames, aluminum, wood, still, sliding glass doors, patio doors, glass doors 24/7
Instead of changing the whole lock, we can change the pins in the plug to fit new keys!
Our service specializes in unlocking vehicle locks.
24/7 Service
Available anytime of the day, anywhere in Vancouver Area.
Mobile Locksmith
We're a mobile service. This means we travel everywhere to serve you 24/7, with a fast response rate.
Commercial Locksmith
We understand that you need a building that works for you and your organization, and it must function well call Locksmith Vancouver today.
Automotive Locksmith
Being locked out of your car is no fun. Call us for 20min fast response time.

Professional. Passionate. Committed.

With years of experience and a dedicated team of professionals, we are the number one Vancouver locksmith security service in town and continue to provide world-class results. Have a lingering concern with a security lock? Can't seem to get into the house? These emergencies can arise at any waking moment, and it's important to select a team that will assist at a moment's notice. We are well-regarded as being a reputable, trustworthy company that will ensure those concerns are a thing of the past. Here is more on what we provide and why we are the ultimate solution locksmith in Vancouver. Our services Include:

  • Unlocking Services ( Office / Residential / Safe )
  • Installations & Replacement
  • Emergency Cases
  • Automotive Services
  • File Cabinet Lock Replace
  • High Security & Restricted Keys
  • Lockout
  • And More!

We cater to all lock-related needs and understand the importance of taking action as soon as possible. We provide a plethora of service for all clients in Vancouver.

Qualified Technicians

Through years of rigorous training, we have an equipped team of technicians ready to assist. We are high on quality control and provide a dedicated amount of attention to this aspect of the company. Stop going to those who are unwilling to pay attention to this requirement. Whether it is a safe lock or a new installation, our technicians are equipped with the knowledge to do a good job for all clients. It's time to go with technicians who are prepped and understand the nuances of handling locks in the heart of Vancouver. It doesn't get better than this! Modern Equipment and Methods

Want to make sure the solution is future-proof and safe?

We pride ourselves on establishing meaningful solutions with an emphasis on modern equipment and methods. Our team is trained to use modern equipment while establishing new methods that work like a charm. We also prefer to keep our clients in the loop from the word go. This ensures the job is done well and by a client's underlying requirements. It's time to take action and go with a team that knows the value of new methods and how to use them to help clients immediately. What is one of the major requirements you'll have as a client? You will want things to be done as soon as possible. There is nothing worse than dealing with a lock-related concern, and this can be frustrating, to say the least. To ensure this doesn't become a prolonged issue, please speak with a service representative to book our team. We will come in, provide a robust plan, and get down to work as necessary. This is the beauty of going with a team that appreciates the nuances of time management and will take care of these requirements on time.

Safe Methods

All methods applied by this team of technicians are safe and are tested. We provide meaningful solutions around the clock while ensuring accredited methods are used and nothing else. No one wishes to be put into a situation where the methods are unsafe and difficult to manage. Take time to go with a solution such as this and know the job will be done thoroughly. Not only are these methods safe, but they are also regularly updated to provide resolute solutions for all clients. Anyone wishing for the best and wanting it as soon as possible will know we are the best option in Vancouver.

Reliable Service

We are committed to providing reliable service to all clients or business and pride ourselves in going the extra mile.

Locksmith Vancouver recognizes clients wish to receive world-class results for all lock-related work and that is what we put forward immediately. Our team is well-regarded for being trustworthy and the years of experience help shine a light on what's needed moving forward. It's time to take action and go with a resolute solution that will work well at all times. Anyone that wants to make sure they're going with a reliable service will know it has to start here. It's time to go with the best.

Locked outside of your property because the key is lost?

It happens all the time and can be an unfortunate reality for many property owners. To take action as soon as it occurs, please call today in and let our team take care of it for you. We are a 24/7 emergency locksmith Vancouver service that works to provide meaningful solutions for all clients. Never worry about how you're going to handle these lock-related concerns ever again! We will provide a quick and easy solution. For more information, please call now and speak with a service representative on our team. We will make sure to provide an immediate solution that will yield short and long-term benefits for your needs. It's time to take action and go with a reliable service that has years of experience and wishes to provide a robust solution as soon as possible.