8 Tips for Home Invasion Prevention and Response

Every homeowner dreads at the thought of an invasion. This is in order since such attacks put lives in the line and can translate to financial losses. Preventing these invasions helps you a great deal. However, if you are invaded, you should be equipped with the right response strategies.

8 Tips for Home Invasion Prevention and Response

What is a home invasion?

Home invasions are forceful and, at times, violent break-ins or burglaries. They happen when the homeowners are present. The motive of invasion is usually the intention to harm homeowners and to steal property. In some instances, they result in rape.

Home Invasion Prevention

Several strategies will help you prevent these invasions.

Make Your Home Impenetrable

The first step is to make your home impenetrable to everyone who is unauthorized to access it. First, inspect your home and identify all the vulnerabilities that would grant unauthorized access. You should pay attention to the windows and the doors of your house. Install burglarproof windows. This should extend to all the exit doors. This will considerably reduce the chances of invasion as the doors, windows, and other entry points will be enhanced.

Use Additional Security Deterrents

Combine several security deterrents to prevent an invasion. Some of the most common deterrents include surveillance cameras and the installation of monitored alarm systems. Burglar proofing materials used on the windows and the doors will also act as security deterrents. These will help prevent impending invasions.

Make You And Your Home Less Of A Target

Burglars usually have targets. They are after monetary gain. This means that they will be looking out for specific features to lay a goal. Make your home unlikable to burglars. You will have to ensure that your home is uninviting to home invaders. Make it unappealing to the burglar in the neighborhood. This can be made possible by making it like there is no monetary value one would gain in invading it. You should also make it look challenging to invade in terms of the security features. These factors will keep you off invaders’ radar.

Always Keep Your Home Occupied

Put strategies in place that will enable you to watch over your home always. This should be either passively or actively. Quietly, you can have the CCTV connected to your phone. This gives you the ability to watch your home wherever you are.

Home Invasion Response

In case of an invasion, you should be able to respond to it effectively.

Know How To Contact Authorities Efficiently

You must get the contact of local security agencies in your neighborhood. Assuming that you have put preventative measures such as burglarproof doors in the area, you will be able to call authorities when the invaders start struggling to gain access.

Utilize Self Defense Tools

These include firearms, self-defense sprays, and tactical pens. Engage the invaders as another family member contacts the security agencies for backup.

Learn Basic Survival Skills

These include escape tactics in times of invasion and security tactics that will keep you safe during the invasion.

Know How To Keep Yourself Hidden

In some instances, it is imperative that you hide during invasions. You can run to a predestined panic room.

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