Audit Trails for Card Reader

Door Audit

When it comes to commercial security, card readers are better than keys and locks. Some of the benefits it presents include specification of the entrance, as well as limiting the access times on particular days of the week.

Also, you are able to pull the audit trail from the card reader, making it very convenient for business owners. The audit trail stores the information from the cards of the users which can later be downloaded and used for various purposes.

Advantages of audit trails

Audit trails have many advantages that ensure security and efficiency.

Because the audit trails have the ability of storing the information from the cards of the users, the information can be used in tracking unauthorized entry attempts.

The locks will as well not grant access to the individuals who are past specified time zone. The audit trails will instead record the information concerning the individual attempting to get inside at the wrong time. This technology is used in many companies in monitoring the reporting times of the employees.

For instance, employee’s cards can be designed to operate as from 8AM-5PM which may be as from Monday to Friday. Any employee who reports late will be denied entrance and their time of attempted entry recorded. This makes it easy to trace the trends of the employees, and to take informed disciplinary decisions where necessary.

The audit trail will also aid in providing better ways on how the system can function. For instance when employees are denied access at 7:30 frequently, the employer may decide to adjust the time. Our locksmith Shaughnessy can do it for you.

Again, the efficiency that the system brings means the employees do not waste time queuing at the entrance to physically log in or out. All the entrance and exit times are recorded and safely stored for future reference whenever need arises.

The other benefit of the audit trail entails tracking of the pin codes and cards. This may only be useful when an emergency code was programmed in the lock. You will, therefore, be able to see the code every time it is used if in any case you lost your card. The owner should change the emergency code once he realizes that it is frequently used.

However, this code has security limitations because various numbers can be provided to other individuals verbally, and the one managing the system may not be in a position of tracking who used which code. If you lose or forget your code, you will not be able to get access even if you meet all the set requirements like time.
Business companies using audit trails find it very useful in managing employees, especially when it comes to monitoring the reporting times of the employees. It also provides security by making it easy to trace access trends within the company. Once you know exactly what you need, setting the audit trail to capture the necessary information will always yield the desired results. This is especially essential for decision making.

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