Can I open my Safe if I have lost my Combination? How?

Losing or forgetting safe combinations is one thing that happens more often than we can imagine. Everybody looks for a locksmith near me in this situation. Once in a while, you may misplace your safe combination, forget it, or the common one, lock it inside the safe. A few instances are also when you move into a different house, and you discover the house has an in-floor safe.

Can I open my Safe if I have lost my Combination? How?

So how do you get in without the combination?

The possibility and easiness of this will rely significantly on the type of safe you want to open. You can manually drill the safe, requesting the code from the manufacturer, having a locksmith make a key for it, or using the secure override key if available.

Most people assume that, just like in movies, safes can be cracked open using a stethoscope. This is not applicable because the security features used are specifically intended to deny any access without the combination, unless with professional help from a locksmith.

Getting a combination of an open door

There are instances when the door is open, but you do not have the combination. This scenario is usually straightforward to deal with. The best thing is to have a locksmith change the combination, or reset it back to factory settings if it is an electronic safe. If the safe is heavy, you can remove the safe’s door and take it to the locksmith, or he/she can come to your place.

Must-knows about your safe to help opening it without combination

Brand. Most, if not all, brands usually have their brand name boldly written on their products, making it easy to locate.

Serial number. You should also know the serial number, which most companies write at the back of the safe.

Model. This is usually the trickiest part since most safes are heavy and bolted, making it hard to locate the model. However, with a serial number, a locksmith can determine what model it is.

Without the serial number and model, a picture of the safe can earn the locksmith a few close guesses.

Consider using the safe’s key to open it

Most safes have keys that act as backups to the combinations, and this is typical of cheap safes. The manufacturer can also come to your rescue and send you the key override if the safe had one. And you can always reset the combination later.

Opening a cheap safe

Some safes are inexpensive, and having a safecracker opening it might cause more than the safe cost. Therefore, you can either call us to open it for you or break it open; whichever option, you will have to buy another one.

Two ways of getting a safe’s combination

  • Combination retrieval. With a serial number, a locksmith can help you retrieve the combination.
  • Combination override. A master override code can be traced using the safe number if the safe is electronic.

Last option of drilling an expensive safe

Your last resort for opening an expensive safe has a professional locksmith drill it open.

If you live in North Vancouver, you can call our locksmith North Vancouver company for quick service.

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