Checking the Crime Rate of a neighborhood

Safety is the most crucial factor to be considered before moving into a community. Fortunately, there are online resources which can be used to check the crime rate of a place.

Checking the Crime Rate of a neighborhood

Types of statistics given on crime rates

  • Number of robberies that have occurred in a specific place
  • The number of assaults that have occurred
  • Number of thefts that have occurred
  • Presence of sex offenders in the neighborhood

Sites for checking the safety of a place

Our locksmith New Westminster recommend the next things:

1. Neighborhood Scout

This site is a perfect starting point for anyone looking for a new home. It gives statistics of crime by zip code, address or city. It provides the results in a color-coded map showing the intensity of crime in every searched neighborhood. It also provides the total number of crimes that have occurred in your area of interest and even classifies them into property or violent crimes. A percentage of the safety rate of the area is also given, in comparison to other places. Additional information given by the site also includes the demographics, school ranking and home prices.


This site allows you to see the exact number of crimes that have occurred in a specific place. It uses icons to show the type of crime, whereby the ring icons show theft from home, cars for car theft, fist to show assault, pills for possession of drugs among others. A click on any of the icons will show information about the crime as well as the address.


This website has a highly aesthetic and intuitive layout. It also has icons, which, when clicked on, show details about the crime. However, the presence of many ads on this site makes it very confusing and you might accidentally download spam on it.

4. Community Crime map

This is a national search database which also uses maps and icon to shoe the rate of crime in a specific place. This site is preferable compared to the rest since it has highly-functional filters which are not in other sites. It is the most recommended. Some of these filters include date range, radius range, specific crime filter, and the ability to reveal addresses of sex-offenders using the photo of their IDs.

This site is suitable for searching specific/street level results, but not the general crimes.

5. National Sex Offender Public Website

This is the most important for someone with a family which has children. The site gives results of three-mile radius and a little bit beyond. It pinpoints the location in which a sex offender lives, within this specified area. The results are usually of the photo of the offenders and their addresses, and this will help you keep off those places. However, the site does not tell the type of sex offense committed by the person.

There are many other sites which you can use, but these are the less local ones.

Since you cannot find a place with zero crime rate, you can always take precaution by having your local locksmith check your locks.

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