Entry without a Key

What It Means and How It Works

Lock and key systems have overruled the business world for many years. However, buying new keys and redistributing them to employees in order to maintain security is now a thing of the past.

Locks and keys are not very easy to maintain. Furthermore, they are easy to misplace. They are also easy to steal and copy. It thus means that they continuously pose security challenges and threats to the businesses.
Modern technology has overrun the old key system, and keyless entry systems are gaining more popularity. The following are three options you can use to update the security of your business.

Entry without a Key

Access through Keypad

With just an effortless combination of a few buttons on a keypad, you can enter your business premises with your own security keypad code. The system is tamper-proof and very secure as it offers you greater control over who can gain access to your business. Entry with a keypad provides you with an option to provide a provisional keypad code to anyone requiring temporary entry to your premises. You can then delete it later when the guest shall have left the premises. However, you can set up more options where a big number of workers acquire the codes. This way, it becomes easier to deny entry to older workers who may want to regain entry using the codes provided to them before. This will make it easier to control entry in businesses with a higher number of casual workers who are engaged on a daily or more regular basis.

Access through Fobs

Entry access through fobs comes with many advantages, says locksmith Kitsilano. Each employee gets a fob; the fob is scanned at the door of any selected access point within or outside the building. When the worker approaches the entry point, the scanner detects if that person has the authorization to access the building and opens the entrance for them. This system is more advantageous as designated persons can be deprived of or allowed entry to specified areas within the facility.

On the other hand, whenever an employee leaves the business, their fobs access is simply disabled. That way, they will not be able to gain entry at any time when they attempt to return to the business premises. This mode of access to entry comes with an added device that keeps a record of all persons gaining entry to your premises. It allows you to browse this record any time you want to. Fobs also leave a digital fingerprint which can be extremely useful to law enforcement in some situations. They are also easily integrated with other forms of technology and can be incorporated with a wide range of surveillance systems and phone apps for even better entry access management and monitoring.

Intercoms with Video-Options

These are real-time systems that provide more brilliant ways of screening individuals before they gain entry to your premises. Most of them are video-enabled, forcing all persons trying to access your facility to substantiate their authorization before you or a designated supervisor allows them access into the building. This system is also advantageous as it keeps a video recording. The video recording can be reexamined any time when there is a need to reconfirm the details of old entry permissions.

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