How to Install a Door Lock

In the past, installation of door locks was a preserve of locksmiths. These installations are usually done in addition to the existing ones. They help in enhancing the security features of your door. This means enhanced protection for your home. In the recent past, most homeowners have adopted DIY options in doing these installations. However, without clear guidance on what should be done can easily translate into failures. This calls for clear guidelines that should be followed by this lot. We delve into how best to prepare for such an exercise and further guide on how best to conduct the entire procedure in the subsequent paragraphs.

How to Install a Door Lock

How to Prepare a Door to Install a Door Lock

Before you install a door lock, it is recommended that you prepare it for this process. With proper guidance, you will be able to do the whole exercise on your own. In most instances, the deadbolt lock is usually installed by a licensed locksmith.

By installing one more deadbolt, you make the door harder to open in case of an invasion. The guideline given here will be useful to you irrespective of the material used in the manufacture of your door. These include wooden, fiberglass and steel doors.

After you have gotten all the required tools, bore the door. You can get it off the hinges in order to do this. You also have the option of doing this at its position. You should establish the backset on the temple. This is the distance from the door’s edge to the center of the hole.

You will have to align the new lock with the existing locks vertically. You will have to take measurements to ensure that you meet the set criterion.

Prep the Door for the Lock Latch Plate

This is the second step. You will be cutting out the door’s edge for the latch plate. There are several likely outcomes here. You can use the latch plate that accompanied the lock. Trace this on the door’s edge.

Prep the Door Frame for the Lock’s Latch

Drill two holes on the marks you made earlier. One hole should be made above the mark while the other below the mark. After you have drilled the holes, chisel it out in order to make the sides straight and flat.
At this point, you can put up the latch against the hole. You should center on the mark that you made and trace it. You have the alternative of using the jig that was provided by the manufacturer of the lock. You also have the alternative of striking the template that came with the template. This will assist you in marking the area due for chiseling out for the door frame strike.

After you have chiseled out the strike area in, you can proceed to drill two holes. The measurement of the holes should be 1/8 inch. You can now install the strike to the door with the aid of two screws. These steps will guarantee you the perfect installation of your door lock.

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