How to Lock Outdoor Gates – Gate Lock Options

Several factors influence the kind of gate you may choose to install. These include the purpose of the gate and the budget you have in mind. In the next segment, we will discuss some of these considerations, highlighting the best choices for locking your outdoor gate.

Since the gate is outside, ensure that all locks are weather resistant. This will prevent lock failure, caused by exposure to the elements. It is also helpful to consider the configuration of your gate. The swing side of the gate should be positioned close by the stationary post.

How to Lock Outdoor Gates – Gate Lock Options

Additionally, you should consider whether to install a gate box. There are products available for locking gates, that do not require the installation of a gate box. Typically, the box secures the type of lock which is obtained.

The final consideration should be whether your gate will require a closing mechanism. Automatic gates are particularly popular. Whatever type you have, you’ll require an appropriate closing mechanism to suit your needs.

There are several lock options available, depending on your style of gate.

Keyed vs Mechanical vs Electronic Gate Locks

If you establish that your gate can support a lockbox, you can install keyed locks. These locks include deadbolts, doorknobs, and levers. For keyless locks, you will use mechanical pin codes or electronic pin codes to enter.

Keyed Gate Locks

Keyed locks over several prominent advantages, being cost-effective and easy to install. They can also be easily synced to a house key with the help of your local locksmith.

If you don’t use a keyed latch, you can opt for ordinary residential door hardware, with a few modifications.

Mechanical Keyless Gate Locks

These are popular for their convenience and flexibility, as you will not be responsible for any physical keys. Codes can be changed as often as required, adding an extra layer of convenience.

However, keyless locks tend to be pricey, especially when gates are not configured to match the locks. In this case, some modifications will be required.

Electronic Keyless Gate Locks

These bear the advantages of both mechanical and keyless gate locks, supporting multiple codes that can be easily changed. However, these are the most expensive lock types on the market.

What to Expect When Modifying a Gate Lock

Key modifications are essential for producing lock gates. An effective locksmith should understand the following principles:

Welding: A portion of the gate must be cut away to support the gate box. The box will then have to be welded into place.

Reach Around: Mesh must be welded onto the slots of the gate, deterring any unauthorized intruder from scaling or jumping over.

Gate Closer: If the gate cannot close on its own, a closing mechanism should be installed. This will enable the gate to close and lock itself automatically.

How Much Does it Cost to Add a Gate Lock?

Costs of the gate lock are dependent on the lock itself. It is also influenced by the modifications that are made.

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