How to Lock Outdoor Gates – Gate Lock Options

Several factors influence the kind of gate you install. These include the purpose of the gate and the budget you have in place. Let us discuss some of these considerations that you will have to make when choosing how to lock your outdoor gate.

Since the gate is outside, make sure the locks used are weather resistant. If this is not observed, then the locks will most likely fail due to exposure to different weather conditions.

How to Lock Outdoor Gates – Gate Lock Options

It would help if you also considered the configuration of the gate. The swing side of the gate should be close to the stationary post on the gate.

Thirdly, you should consider whether to install a gate box. There are some products for locking gates that do not require the installation of a gate box. The box gate usually secures the type of lock obtained.

The last consideration should be whether you will need a gate closer. You most definitely want an automatic gate. Usually, when such a gate latches, it locks. Purchase the appropriate gate closer.

There are several gate lock options.

Keyed vs Mechanical vs Electronic Gate Locks

If you establish that your gate can support a lockbox, you can install keyed locks. These locks include deadbolts, doorknobs, and levers. For keyless locks, you will use mechanical pin codes or electronic pin codes.

Keyed Gate Locks

Keyed locks have very prominent advantages. They are cost-effective and are very easy to install. They can also be easily keyed up to the same house key. You need to contact your locksmith to have this done.

If you don’t use keyed latch, go for ordinary residential door hardware with a few modifications.

Mechanical Keyless Gate Locks

These are popular for their convenience and flexibility. You will not be handling any keys. You are also able to change the codes whenever you want to. However, they tend to be very expensive, especially when the gates are not configured to match the locks. Some modifications will be required in this case.

Electronic Keyless Gate Locks

These bear the advantages of both mechanical keyless gate locks and support more than one code. These codes can be easily changed. These are the most expensive locks ever.

What to Expect When Modifying a Gate Lock

Key modifications are essential for making the lock gates. Your locksmith should understand the following:

Welding: A portion of the gate will have to be cut out to offer support to the gate box. The gate box will have to be welded in place.

Reach Around: A mesh should be welded on the slots of the gate. This will deter any unauthorized intrusion by directly jumping over the gate.

Gate Closer: If the gate doesn’t close on its own, closer should be installed. This will enable the gate to close and lock automatically.

How Much Does it Cost to Add a Gate Lock?

Costs of the gate lock are dependent on the lock itself. It is also influenced by the modifications that are made.

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