Master Key System for Apartment Owners

In commercial properties, master key systems are critical in ensuring both security and convenience. Most homeowners today acknowledge the benefits of utilizing the lock system on their apartments.

The master key system can, therefore, be defined as a lock system with various levels of key access.

Master Key System for Apartment Owners

Examples of how master key systems can be programmed include:

  • A single key that has the ability to open all the doors on the property.
  • Have the ability to open only the doors on one floor.
  • A key that can open every door apart from the door of the computer room.
  • For maintenance purposes, the key can be used to open the door.
  • Vancouver locksmith can as well use the master key for the management purposes by only allowing the authorized individuals to open the door. The unauthorized individuals will, therefore, have no access to the key.

Importance of master key systems to homeowners

Even though the design and functionality of the master key system seem to target the business sectors, these keys have become important even for homeowners. It is, for example, important in giving controlled access to the different rooms of the house by different occupants. You can, therefore, have a master key system that allows other occupants of the house to enter all other rooms, except your prayer room. You may also find it necessary to keep your basement bar out of bounds for the children. Using a master key system will enable them to access all the other rooms, but not the bar.

If you own rental apartments or you are renting out part of your home, a master key system will be essential. What happens, for example, when a tenant leaves abruptly without leaving behind the keys? Also, the tenants may need your assistance whenever they misplace the keys to their houses. If you have a master key that can open at least the main entrance to each house, then you will always be able to offer meaningful intervention. However, such cases require the full consent of the tenants, as it may also be seen as a breach of their security.

High-security keys

Utilization of the high-security locks can be considered when one wants a master key system for his property. The reason behind this is because standard locks for the apartments can easily be duplicated in the local store because of the ease of copying them.

The normal locks can as well be broken by thieves, allowing them to gain access to the property. With the use of the high-security master key systems, it is difficult to copy the keys, and thus the assurance of security is provided to the apartments. The high-security keys cannot be duplicated even with the trained professional.

When you loan out a key to a babysitter or contractor, you need to be sure that they cannot duplicate it to compromise your security. You will achieve this by using the master key system.

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