Protecting Yourself from Car Theft

The American FBI reported losses of more than $6 billion in car thefts in 2017. It is in records that America lost one motor vehicle every 40.9 seconds in that year with an average dollar loss of $7,708.

These facts remain relevant and should be utilized by everybody, whether they are good or bad, although general car thefts have reduced in the recent past. The information helps you to prepare and handle situations of car theft when they come. However, there are many ways of preventing such a situation.

Protecting Yourself from Car Theft

Ways of Preventing Car Theft And Break-Ins

The following methods can be used successfully in preventing car theft and break-ins:

1. Lock the car Doors

You increase your car safety by far anytime you lock it when you step out. Likely thieves will always try to open one or more car doors until they find one that is loose. If this happens, they will most likely make away with your valuables left in the car or even steal your car to the worst.

2. Mount a Car Alarm

Car alarms scare any unauthorized persons around your car. Fixing a loud alarm in your car would make it safer from intending thieves. The alert it causes may result in the thieve being caught or getting shamed.

3. Close your car windows

Open or split car windows for a car left in the park is way too far unsafe for your car. Thieves can easily access your car by forcing fingers or even metals through the open windows or even the small cracks left on it. It, therefore, becomes easier for them to break or manipulate the glass or even the car locks themselves. This way, you may lose items left in the car, or you get your car stolen.

4. Avoid leaving your car on and running

Leaving a running car unattended is far riskier as there could be a waiting car thief. It becomes very easy for them to drive the car away at a glance without struggling with the ignition. It is, therefore, dangerous to leave a car running for any reason for whatever length of time, short or long.

5. Keep your valuables away from reach of people

Many thieves now keep an eye for those keeping personal items in the car when leaving the car. Valuables like laptops, foodstuffs, cash, or even credit cards should be kept far from possible view from outside for cases when they must be left in the car. This will keep the thief gazing but may not be able to tell what is in the car when viewed through the car window. Therefore, if you can’t find a safer place in the car to hide your personal items, please take them with you. This way, thieves will not find a reason to break into your car.

6. Park your car in well-lit areas

Do not park your car in dark lonely places. Try parking in open spaces that are well lit or if it’s at night, do this under parking lights or street lights or well in a busy area. No thief would break into your car with a full view of many other people or in a well-lit area.

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