Removing a broken key from a lock

Keys are prone to get worn out and even breaking inside the lock. Dealing with such situations can be complicated, but here are some of your options.

Removing a broken key from a lock

Taking the lock apart

Count yourself lucky if you have a Schlage hardware door because with this you can take the lock apart and use the holes at the backside of the cylinder to push the broken piece out of the lock. Accessing the cylinder simply requires that you remove the nut then you can clearly see the back of the lock. Unfortunately, this is not possible with Kwikset locks since they do not have locks in the back.

Using a key extractor

A key extractor is very professional and incorruptible. Such tools are specifically designed for removing broken keys from the lock, and they work perfectly.

The spiral key extractors meant to grip broken keys as they are removed, are in the form of thin metal strips with grooves in them.

You simply have to insert the key extractor along the cutting side edge of a key taking care not to push the key further inside. While inside the hole, carefully push the pins down until the extractor slides in, then twist it and pull it out.

Hook extractor is also another key extractor with which you hook the broken piece and pull it out.

Use a needle-nose pliers

A nose pliers can also be used, especially in cases where the broken piece is not so much inside the lock so that it can be grabbed. You can also use tweezers in place of pliers.

Small jigsaw blade or paper clip

There is a lot of resemblance between this and the key extraction method. So long as you can get room enough to slide in the fluted edge of a paper clip, then it will be as good as working with a spiral extractor. On the other side, if you have a small jigsaw blade then you will use it as a hook extractor.

Be careful about this online method

You probably have come across some online tip advising you to use superglue to remove the broken piece. The method requires that you put a small drop of glue at the tip of the key then stick small object on it, like a paper click. After that, you need to let the object stick correctly on the broken key then pull it out slowly.

While this method can work, the moment the superglue gets on any other part of the lock, the key will stick on the lock, and you will have to consider replacing it or going through the long process of using a nail polish remover to dissolve the glue, then start from zero.

When the broken key does not come out

After trying all these with no success, you should consider removing the lock and taking it to the locksmith.
The best precaution is to get a strong key that is not prone to breakage, splitting or cracking like ones made at ACME Locksmith, and it has to have the stamp.

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