Removing a Broken Key From a Lock

Keys are prone to corrode over time and can sometimes break inside the lock. Such situations are complicated, but there are several useful options available to you.

Removing a broken key from a lock

Disassembling the Lock

Consider yourself lucky if you have a door with Schlage hardware. With this feature, you can take apart a lock, using the holes at the backside of the cylinder to push the broken key out of the lock.

Accessing the bottle requires you to remove the nut so that the back of the lock is visible. Unfortunately, this is not possible with the design of Kwikset brand locks.

Using a Key Extractor

Key extractors are highly efficient and borderline incorruptible: designed explicitly to remove broken key parts from a lock. Spiral key extractors are designed to grip broken keys as they are removed, featuring thin metal grips with special grooves.

Simply insert the key extractor along the cutting side edge of a key, taking care not to push the key further inside the lock. Carefully push the pins down until the extractor slides in, then twist to pull it out.

Hook extractors are another key extractor type, in which you hook the broken key to pull it out.

Use a Needle-Nose Pliers

A set of nose pliers can also be used, particularly if the broken piece is not lodged far within the lock. Tweezers can also be used in place of pliers, here.

Small Jigsaw Blade or Paper Clip

This method shares much in common with the key extraction technique. As long as you can get enough room to slide in the fluted edge of a paper clip, it will be as effective as working with a spiral extractor. Likewise, if you have a small jigsaw blade, you can substitute it for a hook extractor as well.

Beware of Online “Life Hacks”

You probably have come across online tips that offer easy fixes such as removing broken key parts with superglue. The method requires a small drop of glue to be placed at the tip of the key, after which a small item such as a paper click is attached. If the object sticks correctly to the broken key, it can slowly be removed.

While this method can work, the key will stick to the lock if the superglue spreads to unwanted areas. In this event, nail polish remover must be used to dissolve the glue. In severe cases, the entire lock will need to be replaced.

When the Broken Key Does Not Come Out

Should these methods be tried with no success, consider removing the lock and employing the services of a professional locksmith. To avoid the risk of breakage, secure a secure key: one unlikely to split or crack.

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