The Terrifying Reality About Luggage Locks

You will most obviously go for a luggage lock when intending to improve your travel security. However, these locks might not be as secure as you would want to imagine. They are insecure.

First, their shackles can be easily cut using any diagonal cutting pliers. The lock cylinders can also be opened using minimal skills. The schematics for the keys are also public knowledge.

The Terrifying Reality About Luggage Locks

The TSA Can is able to Remove Any Luggage Lock without Cause

When traveling, the Transport Security Administration (TSA) has the authority to open your baggage and inspect it. This is usually done to ensure that you don’t carry along with your illegal substances. If the officers are unable to open your bag during the inspection, they will break the locks. At the end of this exercise, the safety of your bag is compromised.

Every Luggage Lock Can Be Opened

All the luggage locks used by travelers are breakable. Travel security officials always have somehow destructive mechanisms for opening these locks. They are also capable of popping open any lock such that the model does not matter. They will apply the highest amount of pressure on what you have used to open it as no luggage goes uninspected. This further demonstrates that you don’t need these locks when traveling.

No Luggage Lock Can Protect a Zipper

You should not also be deceived that there is a lock that can secure the bag’s zipper. A lock that secures the zipper is thus useless. The zipper track can be easily broken using a ballpoint pen. This will give anyone access to the bag. After taking whatever they need from your bag, they can move the zipper pull tab over the open zipper track and close the bag without a trace of intrusion. The only zipper that is safe is the anti-puncture zipper. These are expensive, and you might not be willing to purchase them. Still, you cannot protect this with a lock since criminals worldwide know how to open them. The only luggage that can ultimately be protected is those that have hasps and not a zipper.

Your Bag Undermines the Security of a Luggage Lock

Unless your bag is designed with security concerns in mind, it is unlikely to have protective locks. However, some criminals don’t mind opening your bag by all means. Such criminals will cut your bag open using knives. It gives them access to all the contents of your bag. This makes the locks useless as they will be bypassed in this case.

Built-in Luggage Locks Are Not Secure

Buying a bag with built-in luggage locks is also not very secure as you might be imagining. Do not believe the adverts put across by the manufacturers. The locks will still be ineffective as they usually use novel lock type. They can be easily opened with improvised keys hence compromising your luggage safety.

What is the best way to protect your luggage?

The most effective way of protecting your bag is by having your eyes on it throughout the trip. This might not be possible. Please take advantage of the instances you can watch over it. The locks take time to remove. You will be available to see whoever is removing them.

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