Why You Need to Rekey Your House

There are various reasons why you will find it essential to rekey your house. The aim of rekeying a home revolves around safeguarding it. Some of the reasons for rekeying include shifting into a new home, the loss of a key, or a break-in.

Why You Need to Rekey Your House

When you lose your keys

Rekeying a house is essential in case you lose your keys because you may not be sure of who has or can gain access to the keys. Instead of having to change the whole door system, rekeying gives you peace of mind at a relatively cheaper rate.

Always consult insured and certified locksmiths whenever you feel that the security of your property is compromised.

When shifting into a new house

Moving from one home to another can be quite involving, yet in all the fuss involved, the security of your household still stands paramount. Remember the previous occupants of the house, the owner, and perhaps the caretaker may still be in possession of the keys. Consider rekeying to secure your house from these people and any bad motives they may have.

It is therefore prudent to always prioritize security. Get a new set of keys that will not allow anyone in possession of the old keys to access your house. The rules are to do it fast and ensure you get a good emergency locksmith for the job.

Failure to quickly put this security measure in place leaves your house exposed to the risk of unauthorized entry by any of the people who may be in possession of the keys. This puts you at the mercy of these individuals so that if in case they have bad motives, you will surely suffer loss.

Termination of a relationship or when a roommate moves out

Maybe you have been living together with a spouse, your girlfriend or just a friend. When these people leave, it may be necessary to make it impossible for them to access your house without your permission. Failure to rekey means they can still access the house when they want, posing a danger to the occupants and property. It is even worse in the case of a family that is getting separated or divorced. In such cases, someone can even plot to harm you. To avoid putting your life to such extreme risks, get a professional locksmith to help with rekeying.

You also need to be careful if the key to your house is in one bunch with your car keys. If you always let someone else drive your car, it means they also have access to your home’s keys. With time, such people can plot evil against you, and can even make duplicates.

If you realize that the person you have been trusting with the bunch that also has the key to your apartment is beginning to behave differently towards you, it’s time to act. You better change the keys before they plot something sinister.

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