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  • How To Change The Lock On a Front Door

    August 1, 2017
  • There's no reason to take your safety as well as that of your family for granted. When you move into a new house, it is often advisable to replace the lock on your front door. You will have peace of mind knowing that previous owners or tenants do not have access anymore to your home. You may also want to change the lock on your front door if any part of its mechanism is faulty. If you have the time, you can change your door locks without requesting for locksmith services.

    Step 1- Purchase a New Lock

    The only materials you need for a lock change are a new door lock set and a drill or screwdriver. However, you must ensure that you buy the same brand of lock like the one on the door so that it will fit into the holes perfectly. Bear in mind that you do not necessarily need an exact replacement of the previous lock. But knowing the brand, features style and setback of the old lock will help ensure that no alterations will be made on the door. You can find the brand on the latch or the key. It is probably a good idea to take the old lock along when going to the hardware store to avoid buying the wrong brand or style of lock. A new lock set usually contains four essential pieces: two door knobs, a strike plate that attaches to the frame of the door, a latch piece that will be installed into the door and six nails.

    Step2- Remove The Old Lock

    To remove the door lock, you have to unscrew the door knob that is found inside the door. If the screws are obscured by the door handle, simply turn the handle to reach the screw. Once you remove the screws, the door knobs should come off easily. Next, use your screwdriver to remove the nails holding the latch and pull it out. You should also remove the strike plate on the door.

    Step 3- Install the New Lock

    When inserting your new latch piece into the hole found on the side edge of the door, make sure you attach it in the right position. The tapered side of your latch must face the outside of your door, and the part that will be attached to the door knobs must fit into the center of the hole on both sides of the door. Fit your door knobs on the door by placing them correctly on the screw holes inside the door. A new door lock often comes with two longs nails and four short nails. So, use the longs nails to fit the knobs to the door and two of the short nails to secure the latch onto the door. Use the other two short nails to attach the new strike plate to the door's frame. All screws should be properly tightened before you test your installation.

    After a lock-change, your door should be able to open and close with ease. If you do not fix the lock properly, you may have a locksmith emergency. Instead of breaking your door, call a professional locksmith to unlock your door and get the job done correctly.