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    If you want to maximize the security and entry to your building so you can protect your valuables, then it’s high time you get an access control system.

    Access Control Systems Vs. Traditional Keys or Locks

    A lot of companies use mechanical keys to lock their doors and secure their entries. But security experts have revealed several flaws and limitations of a traditional lock when securing entries to establishments.

    Here are some of the issues that a traditional lock & key system presents

    • High probability of losing keys.
    • Absence of an audit trail.
    • A large number of keys are difficult to manage.

    By getting an access control system, you can eliminate these issues and have full control of your security.

    An Access Control System is designed to:

    • Manage who has access to your building
    • Which doors do they have access to
    • What time they can gain access
    • Under which conditions they’re allowed access
    • Setup parameters for each individual and update them accordingly

    Access control systems are more than just physical security. With the right system in place, you won’t just boost security but productivity, creativity, and performance as well.

    This is exactly what Top Locksmith wants to achieve as a major service contractor with years worth of experience in the field.

    Experts In Access Control Systems

    With the growth of access control systems in today’s modern world, we’ve taken pride in providing our clients the latest in access control technology and equipment.

    We assure every client that our Access Control services are handled by the best technicians who have the expertise in installing card access, keypads, intercom access control systems, fob systems, and much more!

    Each access control system is perfectly designed for different applications and purposes. We focus on every criterion to make sure we give you the best system that caters to your needs.


    Automatic Door Opener

    Automatic door openers aka “auto-openers” are easy-access, simple-to-operate systems for any type of business whether industrial or commercial. Openers use electricity to power a motor inside the unit to open the doors.

    How does it work?

    Auto openers are triggered by an actuator button which is located near the opening. When pressed, the actuator sends an electrical signal that informs the operator to open the door. Other electric hardware on the opening will need to be tied into the system to operate it properly.

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    Types of Automatic Door Openers

    • Electro-mechanical auto operator – these types of auto openers are made with an electric motor that opens and closes the door.

    • Electro-hydraulic auto operator – this model is built with an electric motor to open the door but uses a hydraulic closer body to close the door.

    Contact Top Locksmith to find out which auto-opener is the best option for your establishment. We also assist our customers in troubleshooting existing operators.

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    Common Access Control Systems Services

    Card Access And Keypads

    Intercom Access Control System

    Door System

    Card Access Control System

    Fob System

    Lost The Access Card

    Commercial Access Control

    Office Card Access

    Access Control Module Repair

    Touchless Door Operator

    Entering or exiting a door can be so much easier by simply upgrading them to open and close without a touch.

    Here are a few benefits that a touchless door operator provides:

    • Prevent cross-contamination: Never touch a door to open it again. Open a door by simply doing a hand wave or by approaching it
    • Speed up workflow: Open doors without the hassle of stopping and pushing a button just to open it
    • Install or retrofit: Both dock and pedestrian doors have touchless and automated solutions
    • Great protection versus pests: Prevent doors from being left open when not in use and control pest entry to your establishment

    Want to know what type of touchless door operator is right for you? Contact us right away and we’ll recommend the best touchless door operator that fits your needs.

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    Automatic Door Repair

    When running a business with a high number of pedestrians or employees entering or exiting the building, you want to make sure that the doors you have within your building will constantly work to allow people in and out. The wisest option for a company that experiences high foot traffic is the installation of an automatic door.

    Do you currently own a building or establishment that has an automatic door? Has it recently stopped functioning correctly?

    Get in touch with Top Locksmith today and we’ll provide you the most qualified team of expert technicians to serve you with your automatic door repair needs.

    Our highly qualified technicians will diagnose and repair any type of automatic door repair problems including:

    • Doors open and close slower than normal
    • A broken drive chain
    • Touchpad malfunctions
    • Issues with controlled access
    • Electrical faults

    We’ll make sure your doors are working at 100% capacity after finishing our repair.

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    Our Access Control Services

    Call Top Locksmith to make sure you get an expert control access system recommendation and professional installation.

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    The Trusted & Reliable Choice For Access Control Services

    What makes Top Locksmith so different from every other company out there?

    We systematically train and expand our knowledge through training and skills enhancement in the field of access control. This growth makes us one of the most reliable companies when it comes to fixing any problems associated with access control systems.

    And unlike other companies, our services aren’t just a size fits all approach.

    We make sure to treat every client differently and ensure that we provide the access control system that best suits their needs. We provide equipment that’s designed to help you keep control and increase the security within your establishment.

    • I called TOP Locksmith Vancouver locksmith to find out why my lock wasn't working. They arrived within the hour and replaced my old castle with a high security lock. Glory to their quick action.

      Jack Robertson Avatar Jack Robertson

      Great people outstanding service , the valued employee Alan treats the company as if it was his own and actually even better because it’s not. He goes way out of his way to make sure everything from all ends are looked after . I had a pleasure dealing with this company.

      Marvin Boman Avatar Marvin Boman
    • Your residential locksmith team was very professional and friendly. They got the job done in less than 15 minutes and the results are spectacular. I would give more than 5 stars if I could. Great job!

      Marcia Mcgee Avatar Marcia Mcgee

      I just want to take the time to say thank you for the several times you have rescued my family and myself. From being locked out of the house at 2AM to my son's screwed up Ford ignition system that needed replaced. You will always have a loyal customer with me as I have been for the past 10 years.

      Anthony Grady Avatar Anthony Grady
    • Wonderful service, the guys were very friendly and even helped me pay for a gadget, I was short a few dollars. Will come to this location for all my keys and ect.. ? thanks guys

      Melinda Johnston Avatar Melinda Johnston

      I just want to take the time to say thank you for the several times you have rescued my family and myself. From being locked out of the house at 2AM to my son's screwed up Ford ignition system that needed replaced. You will always have a loyal customer with me as I have been for the past 10 years.

      Anthony Grady Avatar Anthony Grady

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