Commercial buildings require advanced security and locking services. The commercial locksmith in Vancouver handles lock changes, lock repair, and lock installation. From high security on the entrance doors to keeping important documents locked in a safe spot. The installation of a high-security locking system by an experienced locksmith is fast and easy.

Vancouver locksmiths know how to repair broken locks, install new locks, and change existing locks in commercial buildings to keep files and business operations safe. The locksmith service in Vancouver is available 24/7 with emergency care 7 days a week.

  • Mortise Locks
  • Commercial Grade Leavers
  • Duty Locks
  • Security Plates
  • Heavy Duty Dead Bolts
  • Panic and Crash Bars
  • Exit Devices
  • Latch Guards

Hiring a Commercial Locksmith Service

Commercial Locksmiths for Your Business

Do You Need Commercial Locksmiths?

Residential locksmiths are the typical locksmiths who can help you with your security locks at home. However, security locks for businesses and other commercial establishments can be a bit more critical than residential locks. That is when you will need to call our commercial locksmiths services.

What Is a Commercial Locksmith?

A commercial locksmith is a locksmith who specializes in locks and security systems that are used for business. Commercial locksmiths cater to businesses that need assistance with security locks in a business setup.

What Do Commercial Locksmiths Do?

Commercial Locksmith ServicesCommercial locks are very different than residential locks. Businesses need stronger and more advanced security measures to secure their place. Specifically, these are the things that a commercial locksmith does:

  • They provide digital lock services for securing the safety of important paper documents for your business.
  • The repair and replacement of old and broken existing security systems that are installed within the establishment.
  • They provide emergency exit services and help you open a coded emergency door lock if the code is lost.
  • Assistance with installing electronic access controls on doors to restrict those who are not authorized to enter the area.
  • They can add additional security locking systems on commercial vehicles that are used in the business.

If you are a business owner in need of commercial locksmithing service, can you just use any commercial services?

Things to Consider When Hiring Commercial Locksmiths

When you hire commercial locksmiths, don’t just think about getting one, and immediately all your locking and security problems will be solved. You also have to see if you are satisfied with the results. To check, here are the five things to consider when you hire a commercial locksmith:

  • Reliability and Reputation

Check the reliability and reputation of the commercial locksmith’s company that you are choosing. How long have they been in the locksmithing industry? Have they encountered major issues with customers before?

  • Quality of Service

Established locksmithing companies will have their website. Check on their company reviews and see their quality of service based on the reviews and testimonials of their previous customers.

Your Commercial Locksmithing Needs

  • Training Certifications and Insurance

The technicians of the commercial locksmithing company have to be insured so you can be sure of their safety should any accidents might happen.

  • Services They Offer

What are the services they offer? Do they offer the locksmithing service that you need or not? Before hiring commercial locksmiths, ask if they can provide you the locking services that you need.

  • Price

Check, too, if the price they charge is just enough with the type and quality of service they provide. Some companies may charge too much, so check and compare prices.


Get help for security measures for your business establishment. Repair old security locks or upgrade to new and more secure ones. Just remember to contact the best commercial locksmith company near you.  If you live in Vancouver, call our commercial locksmithing company today for all your lock and key needs!

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