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  • Most of us take having secure access to our homes, vehicles, and commercial properties for granted… Until we suddenly discover that we don’t have access anymore. If you have ever lost your keys, then you know how scary it is to find yourself unexpectedly faced with a locked door—especially if there are children or pets trapped on the other side without access to fresh air and water. That’s why people like us dedicate our lives to providing reliable 24 hour emergency locksmith services in Abbotsford, BC. Our insured, bonded, and licensed locksmiths work seven days a week, even during holidays, so that you’re never locked out for long.

    We can do a lot more than just pick locks in minutes, too. We provide a wide array of professional locksmithing services in Abbotsford, including:

    • Key cutting. We can provide you with a new set of professionally cut keys to replace the set you have lost. Don’t risk further mishaps by purchasing a set of flimsy keys—use our robust keys instead.
    • Lock rekeying. We know how expensive it is to purchase a new set of locks. As such, to save you money, we provide you with a quicker and less expensive alternative known as rekeying. If your lock is in good shape, we can replace just the key cylinder rather than the whole lock. (Don’t worry, this is just as secure as replacing the lock!)
    • Lock replacement. Sometimes, lock units get damaged or wear out, making replacement necessary. Fortunately, we offer competitive rates and can change your locks even on a tight schedule. We can also work with a wide range of locks, including automotive locks, house locks, safe locks, and commercial property locks (including electronic access control systems).
    • Window, door, and frame repair. Going through a break in is a terrible experience, and the aftermath—hiring numerous repairmen to fix the damage—can be just as stressful and costly as the initial emergency. We take some of the hassle and expense out of this process, however, by training all of our locksmiths in window, door, and frame repair. Whether you need us to work on a residential or commercial property, we can ensure it’s secure again.

    All you have to do to access the locksmithing services above is save our number at (604) 800-0496 to your contacts list. Being able to dial us wherever you are and whenever you need us can prevent dangerous situations from occurring and give you peace of mind.

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