We offer quality, fast, and practical key cutting services in Surrey. Whenever you may need such services, let us be your first choice and you’ll never regret it.

Key-Cutting Services

Service options available to our clients

On-site key-cutting

You can be serviced right from our station.

Mobile key-cutting

We also offer mobile key-cutting services covering a broader region in Surrey, whereby we’ll come to you wherever you are.

Online key-cutting

For those customers who have a hard time in reaching our services through the two ways, we also do online key cutting whereby you give us the details of what you want and how you want it done. We’ll put everything in order and within a short while, it will be delivered at your doorstep.

Why choose us for your key-cutting needs

We have a lot of machinery within our workshop that can be used in cutting any key regardless of how complex it may be. Leaving that aside, we also have computerized machines that we use for duplicating keys that are either damaged or lost. We do this when rekeying, and therefore you don’t need to buy another whole set of lock and key. Our locksmith has all that it takes, be it the skills or even the tools to provide you with any key you may need for your lock.

Our locksmiths do not need a day to do the key cutting, and neither do they need a day to duplicate. It is just a service that can be offered while you wait for the results and take them home with you. The costs are also friendly and with a warranty to our customers. Our exemplary service makes us prosper in this field regardless of the competition in the market. We also give our customers professional advice regarding the security of their property, the kinds of locks they should choose, and the rest. Why should you then be left behind from becoming our customer?

Frequently Asked Questions

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