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Locksmith UBC

We do our best to keep our families safe and protected and our property secure. That’s why it’s such an upsetting shock to realize you’ve lost your keys and are now locked out of your own home, office, or vehicle. Not only is there a real possibility that someone picked up your keys and has access to your property, you may have accidentally locked a child or pet inside a hot vehicle with no access to fresh air or water. Any way you look at it, it’s an emergency. That’s why there are reliable, affordable 24 hour emergency locksmiths in UBC, BC… Locksmiths like us.

When you dial our number at (604) 800-0496, you can rest assured that our fully bonded, certified, and insured locksmiths will show up in under an hour to provide you with the assistance you need. It doesn’t matter if it’s an evening, weekend, or holiday—We’ll be there. We work all week, every day of the year… And here’s what we offer:

  • Emergency lock picking. Emergency lock picking is “step one” in dealing with a lost set of keys. We’ll quickly and inexpensively pick your locks so that you can regain access to your home, vehicle, or commercial property.
  • Key cutting. You’ll need new keys, of course, so we’ll provide you with a brand new set of professionally cut ones. Our keys are precisely cut, strong, and durable.
  • Lock rekeying. With new keys comes the need for matching locks… But before you run out and purchase a whole new set of locks, consider having your existing locks rekeyed by us. We can replace just the cylinders in your locks so that you can use new keys with them. It’s faster and more affordable than lock replacement, and just as secure (assuming your locks are not damaged).
  • Lock, door, frame, and window repair. Sometimes, property damage happens due to break ins, natural disasters, or simple wear and tear. Fortunately, we’re here to help. We can replace your locks (whether they’re traditional or electronic) and fix your doors, frames, and windows so that they’re completely secure again.

No matter what you need, our expert team of locksmiths will do their best to leave you feeling satisfied and secure. Just save our number at (604) 800-0496 to your contacts list so that you’re never without a way to reach us.

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