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  • Rekeying Vs. Replacing Your Locks: What You Need To Know

    July 31, 2017
  • What do most people immediately do when they have cause to question the security of their existing locks? They replace them. However, while this solution most certainly works, it’s not the only one out there. Unbeknownst to many people, it’s possible to keep your existing lock unit and simply rekey it.

    How Does Rekeying Differ From A Lock Change?

    During a lock change, the homeowner (or business owner, as the case may be) purchases a complete set of new lock hardware. They then remove the old unit and install the new one, or hire a professional locksmith to do so for them. During a rekeying, on the other hand, the old lock unit is preserved. Instead of discarding it, a locksmith will carefully remove just the lock cylinder and replace the pins within it so that they respond to a new key.

    Unless your existing lock is damaged in some way, rekeying is every bit as secure as a full lock exchange. Once the pins in your lock have been changed, the old key will no longer work under any circumstances. The two major differences between these processes are price and complexity. Purchasing a new lock unit is substantially more expensive than rekeying an existing lock; however, rekeying is a more delicate operation to perform.

    The only caveat to consider when seeking rekeying services is that it’s better to have the old key with you (otherwise your locksmith will need to pick the lock cylinder before starting to rekey it). While picking a lock won’t be a problem for most locksmiths, it can sometimes result in additional fees. If you want to change your locks because you’ve lost your keys, you should therefore carefully review these extra charges to ensure that rekeying is still a better deal than replacing the unit.

    Can I Rekey A lock Myself, Or Will I Need Locksmith Services?

    Rekeying absolutely requires the skills and expertise of a professional locksmith; as stated above, it’s a very delicate, precise operation. However, even with the aid of a locksmith, rekeying is still the less expensive option in most situations. Hiring a locksmith is also the more expedient choice: If you have pressing security concerns, an emergency locksmith should be able to rekey your lock within an hour or two.

    If your existing locks precisely match the color, style, and finish of other fixtures and hardware around your home, rekeying is an excellent home security solution. Like lock replacement, it will render your old keys unusable, all without the added expense and hassle of purchasing a new unit.