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  • Using efficient Locks to Secure Your Home

    July 27, 2017
  • There have been lots of concerns about improving home security, and one of the practical ways you can do that is through the use of efficient locks. Locks can provide you maximum security; however, when choosing a new door make such as side door or garage entry door make sure you use efficient locks to avoid break-ins. In Consumer Reports past trial of entry doors, most usually fail when the battering ram is used. That implies the lock you choose is essential to your home safety.

    To be secure and safe, Consumer Reports suggests you do the following:

    • Use locks with a reinforced-metal box strike and a 1-inch-long dead bolt.
    • Fix the locks with 3-inch-long screws to hold the framing beyond the doorjamb.
    • Make sure the doors that lead from the garage into your home is done in the same manner.
    • Use high-security locks that are made of unique pin configurations, hardened cylinders, and other defenses. Our testers spent weeks hammering, picking, pummeling, prying, and drilling.

    Frequently, the door we use most such as a side door or carport section door provides the least security. These doors require Grade 1 locks for top-grade security. Ensure you search for an ANSI or BHMA rating on the product or box detail page of any deadbolt you buy for an entry point. Schlage ConnectTM Touchscreen lock and The Schlage SenseTM Smart lock both provide the best industry rating for durability and security, and are great choices for simple electronic access that works with the most recent technologies. Schlage mechanical locks have additionally earned a Grade 1 rating.

    Improving your home's security is frequently a matter of combining durable and reliable hardware. The following checklists are useful approaches to keeping your property (and everybody in it) safe and secure:

    • Secure frequently used doors and entries (such as the one linking your garage to your home) with a Grade 1 (top-grade security) locks., Schlage SenseTM, Schlage's mechanical deadbolts, and Schlage ConnectTM are excellent choices; they are, trusted in more than 40 million homes.
    • Ensure windows are likewise secured with quality locks.
    • Don’t hide extra keys outside. Electronic locks make it easy to share access to your home.
    • Arm your home with an alarm system. Numerous door locks, cameras, smoke detectors and other gadgets would now be able to integrate with these systems to enhance security throughout the home.
    • Equip every outside door with a wide-ankle eye viewer that ensures you identify guests before opening the door.
    • Ensure all sliding glass doors have no less than one of the following:
    • Track bolt
    • Hinged entryway bar
    • Insertion stick bolt

    Locks can be very effective in securing your home; therefore to get professional services, visit any locksmith services close to you today.